Meet the Team

Carlos Mauro

Carlos founded CLOO after a long career in Academia. At CLOO, he works with governments

and companies in applying behavioral economics across several areas including pro-environmental behavior, diversity and inclusion, and public integrity policies. He also still teaches Behavioral Economics occasionally. Carlos has a multidisciplinary background in Economics, Public Management, Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences.

Chief Scientific Officer

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Bibi Groot

Bibi leads CLOO’s work on applying behavioral insights to public policy. She has led projects across various countries,

from Portugal, to England, the Netherlands and Brazil. Before joining CLOO, Bibi worked for The Behavioural Insights Team (UK), where she ran several large-scale field experiments. She has co-authored reports and guides for policy-makers, parents and teachers about behavioral insights applied to Education. Originally from the Netherlands, Bibi doesn’t let the hilly Porto landscape stop her from cycling to work every day!

Director of Research and Strategy

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Gui Afif

Gui is dedicated to consolidating CLOO’s operations in Brazil. Before joining CLOO

he founded Guaimbé Bureau de Cultura, and was president of Cultura e Mercado, a business school focused on entertainment and culture. Gui plays the saxophone, and although he used to be a professional musician in the nineties, he still performs regularly in São Paulo’s local scene.

Business Director, Brazil

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Fernando Quintino

Quintino co-leads CLOO’s business development in Brazil with Carlos and Gui. Quintino is also a

specialist consultant in corporate law, focused on the entertainment and games sector. He co-founded Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas law firm.

Chief Business Development Officer

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João Matos

João is co-authoring a publication on behavioral insights applied to Diversity and Inclusiveness policies.

João is co-authoring a publication on behavioral insights applied to Diversity and Inclusiveness policies. João has worked on CLOO projects since its inception, including boosting the effectiveness of organizational training and improving debt repayment rates. João has a Master’s degree in Sociology.

Behavioral Advisor

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Vasco Brazão

Vasco focuses on CLOO’s experimental designs. He is implementing RCTs to promote debt repayment,

and parents’ engagement with their child’s maths learning. Vasco also works with ENSICO to build an innovative computer science discipline for schools in Portugal. Vasco is passionate about research integrity and good scientific practices. In his free time, Vasco is a voracious reader.

Behavioral Advisor

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Henry Nasser

Henry works across our projects in Brazil, and supports the team on business development.

Henry ran the fieldwork in a project to understand the drivers of workplace accidents in a petrochemical factory. He is now working on an RCT to find effective ways to help people repay their debts. Before joining CLOO, Henry worked on Market Intelligence and Consumer Behavior Analysis at LCA Consultores.

Behavioral Advisor

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Caio Cruz

Caio is passionate about about public policy, especially focusing on local development and poverty reduction.

Caio is co-authoring a publication on behavioral insights applied to diversity & inclusion. He is currently completing his degree in Public Administration at Fundação Getúlio Vargas – São Paulo, and has worked with various NGO’s dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQI+ persons in São Paulo.

Curricular Intern

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André is passionate about sustainability, and has worked on promoting sustainable mobility and improving composting rates. André holds a Masters’ degree in Social Cognition from the University of Lisbon.

Diogo Santos

Diogo has co-authored various applied guides, from improving (written) internal communication to strengthening employee engagement with training. He has also worked on CLOO’s portfolio in financial decision-making. He has a Master’s degree in Social Cognition from the University of Lisbon.

Gabriel Cabral

Gabriel focuses on Behavioral Insights applied to Law. He has written various Jota articles on the topic, as well as a book. Gabriel also enjoys teaching: he was a Law teacher at the Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro.

Hans Müller

Hans completed a Master’s degree in Behavioural Science for Management at the University of Stirling, Scotland. To date, Hans has helped write evidence reviews at CLOO on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion at work, to persuasive app design.

External Scientific Advisor

Deborah Small

We are privileged to have Professor Deborah Small as scientific advisor at CLOO. She is “Laura and John J. Pomerantz Professor of Marketing” at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Deborah Small’s research interfaces psychology and economics, examining fundamental processes that underlie human decision making. Her research has been published in top-tier academic journals across Psychology and Marketing. She teaches consumer behavior and Marketing for Social Impact.

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