Mission, Values and Vision.

Our mission is to improve people's lives through the application of behavioral sciences. Our business model conciliates ethics and profit. We want to create a work environment where people can improve themselves and feel accomplished and happy.


We Support our Action on these Values...

Scientific Rigour and a Culture of Questioning

We apply scientific techniques, methods and knowledge with great rigour in order to have the greatest positive impact in the world.

We call into question reality, assumptions, and norms in order to identify new problems.

We help our clients and partners to identify and understand their problems.


We Support our Action on these Values...

Diversity, Multidisciplinarity, and Team Work

Every individual’s contribution is important, regardless of their expertise, background, or personal history and experience.

An environment of free and argumentative interaction is the key to finding the most innovative and efficient solutions.

Honesty and valuable ideas are above any other standards of behaving, working or being “normal”.

Behavioral issues are complex and require a multidisciplinary reflexive approach.

Each project considers, and respects, the cultural uniqueness of the context in which it is applied.


We Support our Action on these Values...

Honesty and Transparency

To be frank and honest in every interaction with our clients and partners. 

To be honest and transparent in the development, sales, and delivery of our products and services.


We Support our Action on these Values...

Always Focused on People

We are constantly thinking about better ways to help people solve their problems.

We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and take action – We not only understand and describe problems but TAKE ACTION and apply the best solutions.

Our vision is to be the leading behavioral consulting company in the Portuguese language market and to be one of the best internationally.

To be a successful firm that has a positive impact in the creation of more fair, developed and sustainable societies.