We are behavioral scientists who work collaboratively with our clients to develop/create and test evidence-based interventions to change human behavior.

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We offer consultancy services in different areas. We work closely with each of our clients in order to identify specific needs and to implement programs that promote the desired behavioral changes. Our consultancy solutions apply knowledge from Behavioral Economics and Psychology, and employ accurate testing, measurement and data analytics methodologies. 

We are constantly seeking partners who are willing to explore and develop new solutions based on the knowledge in the behavioral sciences.

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Training Programs

We offer training programs, courses and workshops in different areas. Our main focus is to demonstrate how the principles and knowledge of the behavioral sciences can be applied to improve the efficiency and efficacy of processes and to promote positive behavioral changes. Our training programs and workshops are dynamic, with concrete examples of how concepts can be applied, and practical exercises.

What our partners say about us...

Research & Development

We develop research in order to understand how people think, feel and make decisions in specific contexts, both in the lab and in the field. We apply scientific methods, thus guaranteeing precision and accuracy in the data collection, statistical analysis, and evaluation of the implications the results will have in real life contexts.

Research may be applied to a range of problems, for example: (a) to measure attitudes, levels of satisfaction, intentions or behaviors; (b) to explore relations between variables (e.g. what is the relation between type of feedback and learning); (c) to test the usability of a product; (d) to assess the efficacy of an intervention, etc.

Whatever the question the client intends to investigate, we will review the available literature and other relevant information, conduct a study (or multiple studies), analyse the results, and draw conclusions about the practical implications of the results.




We develop content in text, video and audio formats, along two different editorial lines.

The first editorial line is dedicated to the dissemination of the applications, principles, and assumptions of Behavioral Economics. The content created along this editorial line is divulged through social networks and CLOO’s blog. The goal is to offer as much free content as possible about this area to anyone who is interested. We believe that knowledge must be shared, and we have a role to fulfil in this endeavour.

The second editorial line is formed by a set of personalised and made to order products like, for example, executive reports, dedicated to describing, explaining and analysing the most recent applications of behavioral policies in specific areas, whether in the private or public sector. This content is sold directly to the companies, after their specific needs and goals have been defined. We know that companies need organized and systematic content that will allow them to shorten the distance between scientific knowledge and their actual needs. This type of content helps to keep decision-makers in organizations up to date.