Learning Now for the Future

How do we go from Training to Behavioral Change?

The intensification of global competitiveness, the abrupt changes that markets are subject to and rapid technological advances require human capital that is increasingly flexible, up-to-date and competent. In this context, training has been identified as a strategic force that can bring competitive advantages to organizations. However, the allocation of resources in training only makes sense if this is effective, meaning employees must be able to transfer the knowledge learned to their workplace. It is only in the face of this transfer of knowledge and skills that organizations are justified in investing in training. The Learning Now for the Future training aims to present a set of solutions to improve the effectiveness of training and learning that takes place in an organizational context. During training, participants will become familiar with scientific principles on the basis of deep and lasting learning, and with the cognitive biases that affect trainees and trainers in the learning process. Specific strategies will be presented to make learning more profound and lasting.