Designing Nudges

Fundamentals, Methods and Applications

Is it possible to create social interventions that are truly effective, effective, inexpensive, feasible for large-scale implementation, and grounded in research?

Nudging is the answer to this question. It is a type of intervention that is based on the insights of Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Psychology and Social Psychology to promote behavioral changes. In this workshop we introduce the concepts of nudge and architecture of choice - terms popularized by Richard Thaler (Nobel Prize for Economics in 2017) and Cass Sunstein. We explain what nudging interventions are and present their fundamentals and methodologies. We also give several examples of how nudges can be used to promote positive behavioral changes in various contexts, be it organizational, school, environmental or health. Participants in this workshop will gain knowledge and tools in an innovative, effective, and increasingly popular way of encouraging behavioral changes.