Designing for People by People

A Behavioral Economics approach

Technology is consuming our cognitive resources and our time. We are surrounded daily by devices that require our attention whether they are audible (beeps), visual (flashing lights), verbal (app notifications) or kinaesthetic (smartphones vibrations). The use of these devices / products is often cognitively demanding and unnatural because their creation did not take into account human cognition. The resolution of these problems begins with the conceptualization and design of the products that we create. How to design products and technology that 1) are effective in solving user problems, 2) support and guide their actions in the interaction with them, and 2) respect the human being as he is?

In this training, we will identify the contextual factors and the cognitive, emotional and social characteristics of the human being that must be considered in the product creation process. A good product is not only aesthetically attractive and fun, it is a product that solves a problem of the user respecting the characteristics, limitations and biases of their cognition. We will also address the main cognitive sources of error by the user in using products and ways to prevent them by improving product. What distinguishes this formation from others, is its focus on people and the application of cognitive sciences in the process of creating products and services.