Behavorial Design


We are collaborating in the ME310 Porto – Product and Service Innovation Program. This is an interdisciplinary program that integrates Design, Engineering and Management, where teams of graduate students develop projects in order to create and test prototypes that respond to design and innovation challenges proposed by partner companies (e.g. Generalli, IKEA, Nokia, Sonae, Triwool, Worten).

Through follow-up, brainstorming and training sessions, CLOO members help teams to identify and reflect about relevant and concrete cognitive and behavioral issues related to their projects; for example, regarding the analysis of the user and the development of usability tests of the products and services that are created.


Rui Coutinho

Coordinator of the ME310 program, Politécnico do Porto, Porto Design Factory

The work that Porto Design Factory has developed in partnership with CLOO, within the ME310 Porto product and service innovation program, has opened new analytical perspectives to our innovation teams. The inclusion of the analysis and behavioral economics dimension in the context of the human centered innovation that the Porto Design Factory applies has enabled a broader, more informed and clearer understanding of user behavior, deeply humanizing the disruptive innovation that has been co-created with companies around the world. The work of the CLOO experts has been absolutely decisive both for the quality of the proposals and for the personal growth and development of the members of the innovation teams. We could not be more pleased.

Students from the ME310 Program

Politécnico do Porto, Porto Design Factory

We are working with Triwool ( in a challenge that proposes a sustainable and circular textile industry. This is a complex challenge which is based on several pillars. Cloo was important to understand human behavior regarding the fashion industry theme. We've learned how to test users and how to get better results through these tests (...). It was a valuable help to make the project more fluid and rich in terms of the density and depth of knowledge and validity.