Parental Investment in Education

In this project, in partnership with EDULOG, we are developing ways to increase the time parents devote to educational activities with their children.

In addition, we are collaborating in the creation of a set of publications intended to inform interested audiences about the application of Behavioral Economics in Education.

EDULOG – is the Belmiro de Azevedo Foundation’s Education think tank whose goal is to disseminate and support research projects in the education domain, in order to improve public, scientific and political debate and to promote better solutions for the Portuguese educational system.


Wendeline van der Feltz

Secretary General, EDULOG (Belmiro de Azevedo Foundation)

EDULOG's ultimate goal is to strengthen the education system by promoting research and analytical discussion to find solutions to different issues involving education, fostering innovation and change initiatives.

Serious and rigorous research is our starting point, but our action does not stop there, because it is essential to bring information and knowledge to those who need it, so that they can make better decisions on issues related to Education.

EDULOG commissioned the research project "Parental Involvement in Reading Activities" to CLOO. CLOO has proved to be not only a research partner, but a partner of thought and execution of the research agenda based on the principles of Behavioral Economics.

By exploring and knowledge creation opportunities, we noted that we are working on building an ecosystem around this theme, and not just on the execution of a research project. The contacts facilitated by CLOO with reference institutions, the excellent work of technical review and the contribution with chapters for the translation of a publication of the Behavioral Insights Team, and the continuous reinforcement and deepening of the research project awarded by EDULOG make CLOO an election partner for the construction of a shared future in which Education will win.