BEM | Behavioral Economics Mind Series

As part of this project, CLOO is developing different training activities, with different formats and aimed at different audiences, with two main goals: (i) to help organizations and professionals reflect on their behavioral challenges, while indicating ways to concrete solutions; and (ii) to share the scientific knowledge that we hold and also produce.


André São Marcos Barbado

Corporate Intelligence Coordinator, SONAE Group Strategy Planning and Control

The approach represented by behavioral economics approach is now inescapable for all public or private organizations that need to understand human behavior. The work of CLOO combines the most solid and advanced theoretical foundations with a great vocation for the creation of solutions to concrete problems in the most diverse areas with which organizations are faced.

The collaboration with CLOO experts has enabled a wide range of highly innovative and disruptive intervention opportunities in areas as diverse as marketing, innovation or human resources, proving that it is possible to simultaneously generate significant benefits for organizations and for society.